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IRC Services

IRC Services is a system which is very important for the network. It provides a few services for the users which helps at various things:

  • Nickserv

    You can register your nickname on IRC to make it yours only. This way others can not impersonate you while your off line. It also adds some options to make you join channels automatically, or being able to send other off line users a message on IRC.

  • Chanserv

    This services allows you to register your own channel(s). It provides an advanced management system which allows you to add others at special ranks (SOP, AOP, HOP, VOP) which allows them to assist you with running the channel.
    Every time you connect and identify with nickserv, chanserv will make sure you get the right privileges at the channels you own or have extra access to.

  • Memoserv

    This service allows you to send a message to a person who is currently off line (or on line - it doesn't matter). As soon as this person identifies again he will get a notice that he has a message waiting to be read.

  • Botserv

    As the name says, it provides bots for in channels to help you running it.
    You can configure a bot to kick (and or ban after X kicks) for CAPS, flooding, repeating, swearing and many other things. Very handy, but requires a bit more general knowledge of these services and IRC.

  • Hostserv

    These services will most users never be able to use. Its dedicated to the crew of all countries to have their private host.

  • Operserv

    As the name says, its dedicated to the opers/IRCops on the network. It provides them various management options to run the network


When you use the chat regular, it's nice to have your own nickname, without anyone else being able to steal it.
TravianGames IRC highly recommends the users to register their nick to avoid problems. They will not provide support if your nick is hijacked because you did not register it. With over 3 million players world-wide there is just a very big chance that someone else is using the same nickname.

When using an applet you get online with either T_Guest*** or CCN|Nick
C= Country, N = number of server. Example: com4|Nick

To change your name:

/nick nick

Once you have changed your name, its time to register.
Here you find the code to register yourself on the network:

/NickServ REGISTER password your@email

If you have done this correctly; the following message will appear:

-NickServ- A passcode has been sent to your@email, please type /msg NickServ confirm to complete registration

Check your inbox and try to locate the email from
Within the email there is a command which you need to perform on the network to confirm the registration. This will look like:

/NickServ CONFIRM code

You might want to check your SPAM folder in case you cant find the email.

If you have done this correct, the following message will be displayed:

-NickServ- Nickname nick registered under your account: hostname -NickServ- Your password is password - remember this for later use.

This means you just confirmed the registration on IRC.
The next time you visit IRC, you will need to identify using this nick. That way services will know your really that person. To do so type:

/NickServ IDENTIFY password

If you somehow walk into a problem, feel free to join the IRC Support channel and ask your question there:

/join #help

Extra: In case your not English, or prefer to have services communicate with you in another language. You can select your language yourself:

/NickServ set language

10 Will make the language go to Dutch

Available languages:

1. English
2. Français
3. Deutsch
4. Italiano
5. Português
6. Español
7. Türkçe
8. Catala
9. Åëëç?*éêÜ (Greeks)
10. Dutch
11. ??????? (Russian)
12. Magyar (Hungarian)
13. Polski

Nicknames that are not used for 60 days are automatically dropped. Channels will get dropped after 30 days of inactivity. For more information regarding the other services, please have a look here.

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